Unlocking the laterites

A GAME-CHANGING technology now in development could make nickel laterites a much more economically viable option.   - more

The LME commodity price grand final: nickel versus tin

THIS week Allan Trench taps into footy finals fever – with the metals equivalent being a grand final “price-off” between nickel and tin on the London Metal Exchange.   - more

Glencore and Xstrata in WA

THE $A80 billion marriage between Glencore and Xstrata won’t deliver much of a bonanza in Western Australia; just a couple of mid-sized mines in an unfashionable commodity. But it will be intriguing to see if the new Gorilla tries to build on this modest beachhead. The Metal Detective, By Stephen Bell  - more

Ramu back in the firing line

THE O’Neill-Namah coalition government has revoked 2010 amendments to Papua New Guinea’s Environmental Act, according to various social media sources – a move which provides more opportunities for environmentally based legal challenges against PNG’s mining industry.  - more

Dividend truth: shareholders don’t matter

THE latest round of dividend declarations shows that the so-called owners of companies are treated with disdain by managements. The Outcrop by Robin Bromby.  - more

Dryblower questions two attempted resurrections

TALK of resurrection is in the air, and Dryblower does not mean the great Christian festival of Easter. Also rising from the dead are two of Australia’s more ambitious mineral processing projects, Windimurra vanadium and Ravensthorpe nickel.  - more

Ravensthorpe on target

FIRST Quantum Resources’ Ravensthorpe plant in Western Australia’s Great Southern region is hitting its straps after reaching first commercial production at the end of last year with the Canadian nickel miner revealing production guidance from the operation for 2012.  - more

Leaning to laterites

THEY may not be pretty or easy to pull off, but – as Margaret Thatcher often said – it’s a case of TINA. The Outcrop by Robin Bromby.

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